My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple, find out what works and do it for the rest of your life. I was a big believer in conventional wisdom – exercise quite a bit to keep fit and follow the government’s food guide (Canada’s Food Guide in my case). I did this for most of my adult life and it worked pretty well for me. When it stopped working (at middle-age) is when I had to find a new way.

AppleAfter one year of primal research and implementation I have found what works for me. In my opinion the fundamental laws of the primal lifestyle are the way we were meant to eat and live but I am not a purist (as the blog name would imply) or a fanatic. I try to follow the primal philosophy as closely as possible but sometimes life happens – weddings, birthdays, Christmas, vacations. I try not to be too hard on myself when I fall off the wagon and I do fall off the wagon, but I always get back on track and I feel much better mentally and physically when I eat and exercise primally.

For some people the prospect of giving up that burger (with the bun), pizza, fries, cake, pie, whatever your food vice may be – can be daunting. As a result they won’t start or won’t continue. Take small steps, if that makes it easier – start with eliminating carbonated sodas, processed foods or sugary foods, whichever you think you can deal with the easiest. Then slowly eliminate other bad foods. Perhaps going cold turkey would work better for you – cut out all/most of the bad foods and indulge once in a while in the foods you simply can’t or won’t give up for the rest of your life.

The primal fitness philosophy, on the other hand, appeals much more to most people. The idea that giving up chronic cardio or hours in the gym doing resistance training is a plus. Again, find what works for YOU and do it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, just move and move frequently.

In my opinion it is unrealistic to expect, from ourselves, 100% compliance – 100% of the time. If you have to give up one thing give up the guilt, do the best you can and forget the rest.

Photo Credit: emzee from Flickr Creative Commons

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