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My Food History Bio:

  • I never worried much about cholesterol in my diet. I always ate eggs but in limited amounts.
  • I would limit fat somewhat. I believed canola oil was a good choice. I never believed margarine was good and butter bad. I used crisco (hydrogenated cottonseed oil) for baking and never lard (the good stuff).
  • I usually started my day with cereal/granola with skim milk or a bagel. I always wondered why I was hungry a couple of hours later.
  • I ate lean cuts of meat and was sure to trim off the fat.
  • I ate lots of grains but tried to make sure they were whole grains. I never ate much pasta, but loaded up on lots of bread (at least I ate it with butter).
  • I rarely drank sugary carbonated soda, but would have a diet soda once in a while.
  • I loved (still do) sweets, in moderation. At least I knew these were bad for me.
  • I often had processed prepackaged meals, which seemed quick and easy to prepare for a family of four.
  • I ordered in pizza or chinese an average once a week. (argh, at least my husband did).
  • Beer and wine were my choices for imbibing – still are.
  • I always ate plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Wow, I really thought I had a pretty good diet. Now I realize I was doing most everything wrong. That damned conventional wisdom (CW) was getting in the way of  having my best life.

My New Food Bio (Do this, to drop excess weight and get lean):

  • I start my day with eggs almost every day – fried in lard, poached or scrambled.
  • I eat lots of meats – beef, chicken, elk, bacon, sausage. I keep the skin on and don’t trim fat.
  • I consume very, very few grains. Most days I have none at all but I will indulge on special occasions or if my kids bake cookies.
  • I use lots of saturated fats – butterlardcoconut oil.
  • I never use canola oil in salad dressings – I use nut oils or olive oil.
  • I try to limit my sweets to dark chocolate (70% or higher).
  • I rarely order in or go for fast food.
  • I still love beer and wine but try to limit consumption to a couple a week, unless I’m on holiday or celebrating.
  • I increased my vegetable intake and eat fewer fruit. I eat berries almost daily, with heavy cream.
  • I started eating more raw nuts and seeds.
  • I eat more cheese than I ever have, but stay away from the ones with modified milk ingredients.
  • I avoid all processed foods. Most contain sugar, bad oils and stuff we simply don’t need.

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