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Whole30 – Summary

Taking part in the Whole30 challenge from May 16 – June 14 served to solidify my commitment to a Primal Lifestyle as opposed to a Paleo one.

I saw no obvious physical benefits from sticking to a strict Paleo diet. My weight remained the same, although I did feel leaner, this was not reflected in my weight or composition. There were definite and obvious physical benefits when I switched from the Standard Canadian Diet to a Primal 80/20 diet in January of 2009.

A strict paleo diet would never work for me on a long-term basis. I would be setting myself up for failure. Perhaps, if I had health issues, I would be a motivated to stick to a strict diet but I like 20% of my diet being made up of foods that would be off-limits.

Does that make me weak? No! I believe that makes me realistic. I know what works for me, I’m a Quasi-Primal Girl. I like pizza, beer and fresh-baked cookies once in a while – the key for me is knowing that eating these not so good foods, once in a while, is not going to be disastrous.

What is disastrous for me is constantly thinking about foods that are off-limits. It sets me up for failure before I even begin. If I know that I can have that pizza on Friday night with a beer and it’s not going to hurt me I’ll be more apt to stick with the plan the other 80% of the time.

The bottom line: I’m back to my Primal Life and happy to be there. I’ve found what works and I’ll keep doing it until it stops working for me – making adjustments along the way.

FitDay Summary May 18 – June 14 (No option for May 16 – June 14):

  • Calories Burned/Day: 1965
  • Calories Eaten/Day: 1854
  • Fat/Day: 127.2 grams 60%
  • Carbs/Day: 67.8 grams 14%
  • Protein/Day: 115.6 grams 26%

  1. Tracey
    September 8, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Hey Judy,
    I’m so glad you posted this. As of late, I have felt the need to compare myself to everyone else version of Paleo. I too feel like you do. I know myself best and sticking to such rigid guidelines only makes me feel deprived and leads to binge episodes. Thank you so much for your honestly and proving you can healthy and fit while not committing to the Whole 30.

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